Bidding & Promotional Support for destinations – MICE

Every won bid starts with a strong bidding strategy.

After creation of a quality database of the leads and identification of bid requirements, bidding process is to be launched.

Our goal is to support you in building and developing an effective bidding strategy by guiding you through each of the following bidding steps:

  1. DETAILED ANALYSIS OF A TENDER INVITATION, which includes a study of bid requirements and guidelines to gain a clear understanding of the project scope and client’s needs.
  1. RESEARCH OF THE CLIENT [international association], which involves the examination of mission and objectives of the association, collecting and analysing information about its global members, history of past events, best bid practices, etc.
  2. IDENTIFYING & DEVELOPING LOCAL HOSTS who are the key people linking you with the client and responsible for scientific content and success of your bid paper.
  3. DRAFTING AND ADDRESSING ALETTER OF INTENT to host the meeting, expressing the willingness to submit a bid and take part in tender           process.
  4. FORMALISING A BID COMMITTEE to consist of local hosts, respective industry authorities, CVB, conference and meeting venues and other industry stakeholders.
  5. DEVELOPING A BID PAPER CONTENT based on bid requirements and preferences.
  6. CREATING AND ADDRESSING LETTERS OF SUPPORT from respective local authorities and industry players to add value to the bid paper.
  7. BID SUBMISSION and on-going support along bid presentations (if any).
  8. MAXIMISING THE BENEFITS of confirmed meeting/conference for your stakeholders and the destination as a whole.