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Registration for exhibitors ends 20 Dec 2016. 

There are many reasons why we think registering now and ensuring your place at the 9th Conventa held from 18 to 19 of January in Ljubljana is the smartest marketing decision you can make and we can support it with some simple facts:

  1. Saving money. Reasonable prices for the packages. Exhibitors at Conventa pay only 9 Euros for a lead which is one-tenth of the price paid by the exhibitors at other major trade.
  2. It’s all about quality not quantity. Although the number of hosted buyers is pretty much the same year after year, each time you participate, 90 % of hosted buyers are new and they are all cherry-picked by us.
  3. Nothing matters more than actual business leads. Based on the satisfaction survey, already during the show, more than two thirds of Conventa 2016 exhibitors generated 1-5 business leads, while 17,8 % of exhibitors gained 6-10 business leads. Imagine how many important leads follow afterwards…
  4. No time wasted searching for potential clients. For the organization of a sales meeting you will spend on average at least 60 minutes. At Conventa 2016 on average exhibitor pre-scheduled 23 appointments but conducted 29 meetings in total. This would mean each exhibitor saved 29 hours of organizational time, not to mention the time saved for planning the business trips, travel and actual meeting.
  5. Conventa marketing channels can be used to your advantage 365-days a year. The sooner you register, the more marketing you will get. Remember, Conventa has a large data base of 50.000 meetings professionals. The show continuously communicates with its target audience and uses numerous marketing channels to do so. In 2016 Conventa launched a new web site that will even better highlight Conventa exhibitors.
  6. Personal touch and the friendliest show in the New European region. Great hospitality is what warms up even the coldest hearts that is why Conventa is a place where your coffee cup never runs dry. In 2016, on a scale from 1 to 5, Conventa exhibitors rated the friendliness and effectiveness of the show organizer with 4,55.
  7. Socializing together means making business together. Conventa is the only trade show that organizes joint social events making sure exhibitors and hosted buyers can network every step of the way. There is no stress, just a friendly and productive atmosphere ideal for a relaxed matchmaking experience. Let us just mention that on average exhibitors conducted 4 meetings during Conventa 2016 social events.
  8. Knowledge makes the world go round. Knowledge was, is and always will be crucial in our industry. Conventa is fully aware of that. Every year the show introduces top knowledge modules for the regional industry that are complimentary. We will learn together also in 2017.
  9. It’s all about verified satisfaction. In 2016 more than 30 % of exhibitors said the quality of services exceeded the price of participation. A whooping 88,9 % of exhibitors think investment in exhibiting at Conventa will pay off completely or at least partly.
  10. When others say its worth to exhibit then it must be true. Eighty percent of exhibitors said they will very likely exhibit also at Conventa 2017 and almost all (97,8 %) would recommend the show also to their colleagues.

To book a stand, or to request further information, please email or

We look forward to seeing you in Ljubljana!


Veritas festive edition is now out

This December, in addition to your festive plans and Christmas gift lists, we at Veritas Real Solutions are ready to help make your 2017 truly memorable.

Take a moment and delve through our seasonal MICE edition. We have brought together a range of extraordinary things, from our top MICE recipes and favorite ingredients for the perfect bake, trade exhibitions, business networking & online campaigns, to glorious bespoke brand ideas.

The MICE & Travel exhibitions calendar for QI 2017 is just waiting for you and we will be glad to be part of your international journey.

We hope you will enjoy it!

Download in pdf / Veritas Seasonal MICE Recipes Edition

Register for Connections Events 2017

We are delighted to announce that the registration for Connections Events 2017 is now open!

Get Connected

Connections Events brings together leading top-end suppliers and buyers.

The full agenda includes your one-to-one meetings, dedicated invaluable networking breaks as well as the prestigious

You will take part in some memorable experiences that will help you to forge long-lasting business relationships.

Experience it for yourself, join the next generation of events!

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming Connections events or other issues, do not hesitate to contact or


read more about Connections Events 2017